Founded in 2008, Optimum Capital Partners ("OCP") is an Investment and Advisory firm whose primary objective is long-term preservation of capital for its investors.

OCP’s management actively co-invests along with its clients, increasing the firm’s commitment to deliver returns. Additionally, we provide investors with a wide range of investment opportunities, covering multi-asset classes, industries and geographies. Our investment strategy is strongly focused on alternative investments, reducing short term volatility and fostering capital preservation through economic cycles.

Our Investment Philosophy and Strategy

We aim to deliver consistent capital growth implementing a strategy of diversification to control risk levels and downside protection. Optimum has achieved this objective through the use of "absolute return" investment strategies, complementing traditional instruments with real economy asset classes and opportunities.

No single manager can shine in all investment areas. This is the reason why we offer our clients well diversified investment portfolios shaped by the expertise of the world’s top managers. These managers invest in a range of assets, financial securities, diversified capital markets, geographical areas and sectors, capturing returns through their individual skills and expertise.



The Management of Optimum begins to pool together their own capital to set up an asset management firm with strong focus on the agricultural sector and financial securities.


As the business develops and operations strengthen, Optimum starts to bring in a selected number of external investors to participate in different investment opportunities, increasing the number of assets under management.


As land prices are severely impacted by the financial crisis of 2008/2009, Optimum reduces its exposure in Latin America and begins purchasing land in the US.
With the strong track record in the agricultural sector, Optimum Capital Partners is created to offer Institutional Investors, Family Offices and Individuals exposure to the agricultural sector in the U.S. In a deal-by-deal basis, OCP raises more than $300mm in capital to acquire land in Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. In parallel, OCP closes many transactions in various sectors including Media, Real Estate and Technology.


OCP provides investors exit opportunities on several acquisitions, exceeding investor's expectations.


Optimum Advisors is founded to provide advisory services on merger and acquisitions, risk and wealth management to companies, individuals and governments.


On the 26th of April 2018, Optimum and the Investment Corporation of Dubai acquired El Maximo Ranch for $136.5m. Optimum, acting as both an equity Partner and the group responsible for the operation of the ranch. El Maximo is one of the largest continuous ranches in the South-East of the United States.

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