Optimum invests in leading companies and seeks to create value by working closely with management teams to achieve strategic, financial and operational objectives successfully.

Optimum Ranch was born when Optimum identified a clear opportunity given the large price disparity of cattle ranches. The group started investing in Cattle Ranches in Arkansas and Florida during 2014, currently owning over 9,000 acres in Florida and 7,000 in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Optimum Ranch is expected to increase land under management increase by 30,000 acres in the next 2 years.
Optimum Agriculture LLC is an agricultural company established in 2010 as a project to develop agribusiness in Delta Region within the United States of America. Optimum Agriculture has experienced a strong growth in the past years and currently owns and operates over 35,000 acres. The company is a best-in-class agricultural property manager and producer.

The company currently employs over 50 employees. Its HQ office is located in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.
OCP Tech is a company that offers solutions to the turbulent technological environment that today's world proposes. It specializes in the development, integration and implementation of software and hardware in areas related to Networks, Telecommunications, Electronic Security, Retail and Banking; capitalizing on experience and commitment as the main tool to achieve success.
Genesis Media is the pioneer and architect of the industry's first attention platform, powering the intelligent creation of out-stream video inventory. For the first time, publishers can now manage this exclusive out-stream inventory via Genesis' programmatic platform.
The company's proprietary G·A·P technology and programmatic tools deliver superior audience connection, content monetization and inventory management for publishers, while reducing their reliance on ineffective conventional ad units. The company is headquartered in New York City with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Detroit.
Gold Frontiers is a specialty technological service provider to the finance community. It has successfully developed the Bullion Gateway, much as SWIFT, it articulates global transmission of data among banks to secure the movement of precious metals. The Gold Frontiers process enables investors to own allocated and segregated precious metals as an asset on their balance sheet and facilitates a superior way to trade, vault, and transport physical precious metals that is safe, transparent, and simpler than other currently available methods.
Systemnet is an Argentine company specialized in the provision of high technology equipment, engineering services and advice, offering its clients the development, integration and implementation of software and hardware in areas related to Networks, Telecommunications and Ciber Security.
Las Cárcavas is a Real Estate development project covering 51.2ha in Garzon, Uruguay. Each of the 24 farms has an average surface of 9.000sqm and 50% of the total extension will consist for common areas and natural preservation
Founded in 2017, Optimum Advisors is a boutique advisory firm proving services related to corporate finance and risk management. OA has offices in Miami, Panama, Bogota, Brazil and Buenos Aires and employs 25 employees.
Andromeda Group Latam focuses on investing and providing advisory services in the blockchain space while creating long-term value for companies and institutions. Andromeda partners with disruptive entrepreneurs with the ability to build significant global business of the future.
Froneus is an Argentine company that develops, manages, and implements Artificial Intelligence technology to help businesses, governments, and institutions to maximize efficiency. Artificial Intelligence allows for machines and computer systems to develop and learn human-like skills and intelligence from experience, making it possible for these machines to perform human tasks.
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